Luxe - Blinds and Shutters

The Brief

Project Overview.

Project Overview: Luxe Blinds & Shutters embarked on a journey to redefine the window treatment industry. Recognizing the challenges in accessing premium home solutions, especially for newcomers, our mission was to create a seamless experience. 

Proposition Development.

Proposition Development: Luxe Blinds & Shutters offers more than just window solutions; it’s a transformative experience for homes. Our proposition centers on effortless accessibility, same-day setup, and a range of services that elevate living spaces. We understand our audience—motivated individuals aspiring to enhance their living spaces.

Logo Design: The Luxe logo, integrating the letters ‘L’ and ‘X,’  signifies the brand’s commitment to luxury in window solutions. The lettering exudes elegance and timelessness, reflecting the premium quality of Luxe’s offerings.

Visual Language: Our design incorporates imagery and patterns reflecting the everyday elegance of Luxe’s blinds and shutters. The ‘L’ and ‘X’ in the logo serve as a consistent device, forming a visual anchor. 


Typography: The typography echoes Luxe’s ethos of refined simplicity. It is crafted with subtle serif fonts, embodying style and functionality. 

In every aspect, from the logo to the visual language and typography, Luxe Blinds & Shutters’ brand identity is meticulously crafted to embody sophistication and timeless elegance.


Web Experience: Elevating Luxe Blinds & Shutters

Luxe Blinds & Shutters’ web experience is a testament to our the brands consistency.  Designed with user-centricity as the cornerstone, our website ensures intuitive navigation, allowing visitors to explore a myriad of window solutions. Responsive design guarantees a visually appealing interface across devices, from desktops to mobiles. Engaging visuals showcase the elegance of Luxe’s offerings, providing informative and captivating content.  Beyond a digital presence, Luxe Blinds & Shutters’ web experience mirrors the sophistication and simplicity that define their brand, solidifying their position as leaders in elevating homes with premium window solutions.

Web Experience

A front page imgae of LUXE blinds web site in Stockport
An image demonstrating byte bee mobile web responsive service in Stockport