User Experience

The Brief

Project Overview.

The Northern Gallery was born out of the need for an augmented gallery application for various user groups accessing the Northern Gallery.

The app is to appeal to all users interested in art from high schools students to more seasoned art enthusiasts.

The project involves gathering feedback from actual users to evaluate and improve the usability, accessibility, and overall satisfaction with a product


  • Branding
  • App Design
  • Figma

Proposition Development.

The Northern Gallery app can be used by teachers to set homework ad for students to research in and out of house. The app also has accessibility facilities for hearing and visual impairment. The design incorporates an virtual tour as well as a guided augmented audio tour, it has the facility to post to social groups and leave comments on specific pictures.

User Journey

A user journey in UX (User Experience) refers to the complete experience that a user has while interacting with a product or service. It encompasses all the touchpoints and interactions a user goes through from the initial awareness of a product to the eventual use and potential post-use phases. Understanding and mapping user journeys is a critical aspect of UX design as it helps designers identify opportunities for improvement and create a more seamless and satisfying experience for users.

User journeys for this app were created for two types of user : A Koren student and a retired school teacher.

User Journeys

In developing the Northern Gallery’s app, we used wireframing, strategic prototyping, and UX testing. The wireframing phase is akin to architectural sketches, outlining the skeletal structure of the website. It ensures the logical arrangement of elements, envisioning an intuitive user flow through exhibits, event pages, and teacher portals.

Prototypes serve as interactive models, allowing stakeholders to envision the website’s functionality. This dynamic process enables us to fine-tune design elements and user interactions before the full development phase. The main software used in this process is Figma

User testing provides invaluable insights, ensuring that every click is intuitive, every visual resonates.


The final design of Northern Gallery’s app stands as a virtual gallery, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the world of fine art with a seamless UX experience.

A multifaced app with the ability for teachers to educate and book tours, student have the ability to research homework and browse at home. Casual users can leave comments and invite other users to discuss specific pictures. 

Outcomes and Final Design

The product was developed with animated feedback.Animated feedback can enhance the User Experience (UX) in several ways by providing visual cues, improving communication, and creating a more engaging and intuitive interaction.


A animation example produced in figma for an art gallery mobile application
A UX Figma animation sign up sequence depicting rain drops. The application is for a Cheshire based art gallery